About X-CAGO


Established in 2000, X-CAGO is a private technology company based in Roermond, The Netherlands, with an US sales office in Marlton, New Jersey, USA.

X-CAGO has developed an innovative, and patented Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, which bridges the gap between the print, archive and online worlds.

Through its advanced technology, X-CAGO delivers creative solutions over the Internet to readers anywhere in the world, and is recognized as a true innovator of new products and technologies.

X-CAGO’s software solutions manage growing volumes of (printed) media content by letting clients securely capture analog (paper or microfilm) as well as digital documents (PDF, XML) and information, organize and catalog this information and deliver knowledge on demand. In short, the software enables our customers to capture, store and distribute (newspaper, magazine, books, internet) content in an efficient and secure way. X-CAGO’s core software modules have underlying patents for their unique segmentation algorithms that deconstructs the layout of newspaper pages into individual constituents, i.e. articles and advertisements.

With merely ten years of sales activities and focused efforts in the print media industry, X-CAGO is recognized as a leader in the emerging ECM market segment with more than 200 customers worldwide and a continuously growing client base.

We believe XML is the key for managing content management, preservation, portability and exchange. X-CAGO is being recognized to be the clear market leader in automated ECM XML systems by delivering technologies that turn existing information into knowledge.

Business Activities

X-CAGO has clients worldwide, including the world’s largest Press Clipping Agencies, Publishers, Corporate Archives and PR departments, News and Advertisement Tracking Firms, Trade Associations and other content professionals in public and private organizations.

Management Team

Koos Hussem was born in Heerlen the Netherlands. He studied at the Universities of Amsterdam and Nijmegen. After finishing his studies he worked as a free-lance consultant for Multi-Nationals In 1986 he founded his own company. Koos brings a wealth of business experience to X-CAGO, he is a true entrepreneur and is President & CEO of X-CAGO.

Erik Hommersom was born in Tiel, the Netherlands. He studied Computer Linguistics at the University of Utrecht. He worked as a scientist at the same University for a period of two years. From 1987-1990 he was a Technical Project Manager for software development at a KLM owned company. Between 1991-1996, Erik was employed at Océ Research & Development specializing in language technology, image processing, optical character recognition, intelligent scanning and technology ventures. Erik began his employment with X-CAGO in 1996, responsible for innovative and leading-edge software development. Erik has 15+ years experience with Object Oriented methods and technologies. He has an in-depth knowledge of language processing technology. Erik is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of X-CAGO.