Digital Heritage Archive

X-CAGO is specialized in digital capturing, disclosure and publishing of image archives. Our cooperation with Océ Research & Development ( resulted in sophisticated software products. This software has been successfully been applied to digitize many valuable image collections over the recent years.

Copy is Original

Our mission is to generate digital copies of original images with the best possible quality that will last for ever. Sometimes the copy is even considered of superior quality compared to its original! The original no longer needs to be consulted and can safely be preserved. The copy can be made on-line available anywhere at anytime. X-CAGO has experience with handling different images formats and sizes. State-of-the-art standard output formats are chosen to obtain a long lasting quality.

Capture: Digitizing your Collections

Capture means scanning your collection of photographs, drawings, slides, glass negatives, maps, newspapers, magazines, microfilms or other collections. Depending on what is most convenient for you, costs, security considerations about your collections, and alike, this can be done either on-site or in one of our professionally equipped studios. As we often process huge volumes of collection items, we are used to setting up efficient process flows tailored to your specific needs on the basis of a clear project scope and plan. This results in lower costs.

We always capture each collection item according to the exact quality specifications given by you. And here again, whatever the specifications, our mission is to generate a 1:1 copy of the original wherever possible.

Storage & Retrieval: Using your Digital Archive

Storage and retrieval: using your Digital Archive X-CAGO has developed a software solution called Archive Ex Press. Archive Ex Press stores, retrieves and publishes the captured images. Apart from the actual images, the software provides facilities for so-called meta data about the stored images. For example, notes on the back of your originals, your old database details about the collection, or new information, like when images have been retrieved and how often, can all be stored. Apart from the optimized image, you may want to store additional versions, for example the raw scan before it was optimized, or derivative images for specific purposes like re-print and weboptimized files. Archive Ex Press also provides easy and secure access for internal and external users. Next to this X-CAGO offers services for capturing meta information where applicable.

Your Corporate Identity

Archive Ex Press’ range of functionalities goes way beyond storage and retrieval of images and meta data. Additional modules are available, for example powerful search engines to access the underlying XML structures and a webshop module. With these, you can take benefit of Archive Ex Press for exploiting the Digital Archive commercially. The modules within Archive Ex Press can be made available on your own servers, or you may prefer the option to take advantage of our round-the clock secure hosting services.
In any case, we can tailor the set-up according to your wishes. And your users or clients? They only need a web browser! Your Corporate IdentityArchive Ex Press comes with very flexible templates. With these, your Corporate Identity can be omnipresent in Archive Ex Press. In some deployments, even we ourselves hardly recognize Archive Ex Press.

Viewing Images On-Line

Users of your Collection are often interested in viewing images in detail, on-line. There is a performance and a security aspect to this. First; a user is not prepared to wait for ever. He wants to see the image in full detail, but he wants it fast. Second; if you grant him this, you may not want him to be able to copy the full-resolution image as if it were his own! There could even be legal issues with this for which you could be held responsible. X-CAGO provides tools to give the best in both cases mentioned above, because Archive Ex Press comes with a dedicated image server. This image server enables a user to zoom in on details of an image, but without being able to download the high resolution image on to his PC, and it does this in a very efficient way, keping bandwidth utilization surprisingly low.

Wide Range of Applications

The modular architecture of the Archive Ex Press software has smoothed the way to a very flexible adaptation of various areas of the application. Archive Ex Press can thus be used for museums, libraries, municipal archives and much more. To give a couple of examples of the different modules optionally available in Archive Ex Press:

  • Printed Media. This module provides an excellent user interface for Printed Media, to enable you to manage and exploit Newspapers, Magazines and Books.
  • Pictures. This module provides dedicated functionalities for collections of photographic items.
  • Artwork. This module provides similar functionality for collections of all kinds of Art works like paintings, drawings and posters.
  • Maps. This module provides special functionality for maps and technical drawings. It handles large size images very well

An Impenatrable Fortress

An impenetrable fortress X-CAGO offers services to host your digital archive. Your data has never been so thoroughly protected on the Net. X-CAGO guarantees you privacy, authenticity and integrity of information. X-CAGO cossets you. Full service, 24/7, at prices that will leave you speechless.

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