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Historic Digitisation

Creating internet access to collections from Microfilm, Hardcopy or PDF via digital conversion

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Enabling access to printed media collections through digitisation is increasingly important and valuable as content owners and publishers recognise the potential commercial value of such a digital archive while at the same time ensuring the longevity and preservation of the content for current and future generations. Archival publications originating on paper, microfilm or more recently PDF, are literally brought back to life through digital conversion with full-text access. With X-CAGO’s digitisation services, powered by patented technology, X-CAGO can make your archives fully searchable on the internet, right down to an article level.

X-CAGO’s digitisation services enable:

  1. Access to complete newspapers, magazines and other publications page by page, just like they appeared in print;
  2. Enlargement of any article, photo or advertisement in one click;
  3. Searching within a collection including for all articles on a specific topic or area of interest, editorial, advertisements and the like;
  4. Creation of interactive clipping files on topic areas for easy and immediate reference;
  5. Retention and complete control of a library’s assets.

From Paper or Microfilm to Digital

Until recently, migrating historic or archival content online was technologically unachievable and then even with advancements in technology both unreliable and cost prohibitive. Issues including an inability to recognise text due to poor image quality, large image files and copying issues precluded accurate searching and created a poor reading experience online.

X-CAGO’s digitisation services, however, benefit from the latest digitisation and scanning technologies. Printed media from microfilm or paper is carefully scanned using the most advanced scanners on the market and then converted through X-CAGO’s unique, patented digital newspaper capture technology to achieve the best results with the lowest costs.

Conversion to a Digital Archive

X-CAGO’s unique and patented software “ClipWorX” automatically creates a digital archive as it distils the content with the software building XML files for every single page, article or photo. The first of its kind, this Page Segmentation Software “understands” the structure of a publication’s pages, deconstructing every single page into constituent articles, images, and advertisements as applicable.

Fully searchable and web-accessible

By implementing X-CAGO’s Archive ExPress, a client’s customers can find and read articles exactly as they have appeared in the original publication. A degraded image or poor readability is no longer an issue: the digitally captured information does not change over time, no matter how many people access it. Since the archive is accessed online, it can be made available anytime and anywhere. No longer is time or location a barrier for providing access – free or paid – to content in the archive.

Other Content Archives

Beyond the newspaper and magazine digitisation services described in this document, X-CAGO can also provide digitisation services including via intranet and internet for the publishing of books and photographic collections including negatives and slides.