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ePub Conversion Services

EPUB* is a globally accepted eBook format. This encompasses a format standard for the distribution and interchange of digital publications and documents based on Web Standards. EPUB standards defines a means to represent, package and encode structured and semantically enhanced Web content. This includes XHTML, CSS, SVG, images and other resources — for distribution in a single-file format. EPUB permits publishers to produce and send a single digital publication file for distribution and offers consumers interoperability between software/hardware for digital books and other publications.

With eBook reading features and functionalities highly developed in most portable devices (iOS, Android and Windows), EPUB has become one of the most dominant and accepted global eBook formats.

EPUB eBook files can also be read on a wide range of electronic book readers. With the increased migration from traditional hard copy to eBooks, the EPUB format has rapidly become the preferred industry standard world-wide with increasing numbers of publishers and authors developing their books in EPUB eBook format.

The simplicity or complexity of converting a book or publication to an EPUB format largely depends upon the file to be converted. As might be expected a more complex layout/format – for example, the extensive usage of images, tables and graphics increases the complexity of conversion to the EPUB format.

X-CAGO is a leader in EPUB conversion services no matter the size or complexity of the task, providing cost-effective services to the copyright holder whether they be the author or publisher.

Periodicals format for Amazon Kindle Publishing and Amazon Kindle Fire

Backed by Amazon’s industry-leading e-services, the Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand delivers content to one of the most successful tablets since the launch of the iPad. With free trial subscriptions and a wide global reach, publishers are able to reach new subscribers and expand brand recognition. X-CAGO can help publishers to convert their content to the Periodicals Format for Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Google RePub Format for Google Play

Google Play Newsstand has become a favourite for consumers and publishers alike due to the personalised ‘Flipboard’ reading experience on phones and tablets. X-CAGO can help publishers to convert their content to the Google RePub format in order to get the ultimate reading experience on Google Play.